Whisper #361

Great statesmanship stems from the ability to see the wood for the trees, where others are simply too involved in a subject-matter to do that.

To do this, the statesman (or stateswoman) has to possess degrees of empathy which would make the best among psychologists blush.

They have to not only pretend to understand their opponent’s viewpoint, but appreciate its merit without losing the gravity or value of their own viewpoint.

Their fundamental position is as follows:

  • No viewpoint is right or true in itself, but their viewpoint has to win.
  • They have clear reasons for their viewpoint, but meaningfully engage with and take into account their opponents’ reasons and viewpoint, too.
  • They do not make a decision without firstly taking heed of the conflicting reasons.

They are experts at the balancing act, master tightrope walkers with an understanding that life itself is about trade offs and the state of equilibrium between opposing forces and directions.

It takes an extraordinary strength of character and humility to put one’s interests and opinions aside to not only have the insight into life needed for great statesmanship, but also to become a master in the art.


Whisper #360

There are two types of wealth creators which some of us confuse. We likely do so due to being overexposed to one at the expense of the other.

However, we must find comfort in distinguishing them, because each one sets a different tone and character to the relation between a business and the people it services.

The first type identify a need or issue and bring people together to create a service, product or solution. This type have a vision of how they want the world to be, which structures their actions and decisions, often tending them towards long-term gain.

The second type also find a need or issue and bring people together to create a service etc., but this type wants to maximise it to extract the most value. They are often reactive to events and emotional in approach, which often restricts their decisions to their short-term and limited gain.

They sound similar in their efforts and actions — many of us would see them as the same — but they differ in what drives them. One is driven by a vision of things while the other is driven by the current context and the emotional state(s) underpinning it.

However, both are great wealth creators who service us, albeit in differing ways and — we may say with a slight degree of confidence — with different consequences to the moral tone of the world in which we live.

Without demonising the one or evangelising the other, the moral view of their activities paints the first type as philanthropic and second type as exploitative.

What drives us and how it does so is as important as — and in some case more so than — what we do.

Some Love for the Great Souls

When you resolve to attempt something big, most people will doubt and mock you, especially at first, then they will laugh at you before turning against you.

But, do not take this personally, because it is never about you. Firstly, they are often those who would never attempt what you are about to attempt. Secondly, and so that you do not hate them and thereby join them, they relate to you as they relate to themselves: they hold themselves back from attempting something big. That is all they have to offer — it is their best.

Focus your attention on those who are ready to believe in you and to join you in your attempt.

Some of them have become alienated and in hiding — they await leadership.

Others are held back by the hatred, fear or shame to which they fell prey when they first attempted something big and came across most people. These people cannot see that the limit is not in them, but in most people who project on them — the continued hatred, fear and shame which eats at them, when it doesn’t do so in most people who projected on them shows where the limit truly lies and who is creating this limit anew.

Oh, you great souls, keep going and if you cannot do it for yourself, do it for those who — like you — are hiding, gnawing at or perpetually reopening senseless wounds.

You raise us all up, let us breathe fully and make life worth it, again — keep going!

Whisper #358

The riskiest act by a person in power who verges on losing it is to attempt to hold onto it through lies.

The weakness and irresponsibility they demonstrate to those over whom they wield their power always ensures they live to regret it, because the truth rising to the top is only a matter of time.

Whisper #357

The spirit-chef knows how long a soul must bake before it is ready to be served into love.


A: What is it, light of my life; why has such dark-grey gloom descended upon you?

B: I am dissatisfied. I do not feel like you see me. I want to run away, but I do not dare to.

A:  So, you’d rather sit there, feeling sorry for yourself.

B: Yes —

A: Have I started seeing you, yet?

B: … Yes.

A: What if I said to you that I have been seeing you all along and know precisely to what you refer by this feeling and the mood in which it has put you?

B: You are lying.

A: Ah, but would I lie to the light of my life without first willing her darkness? I started our conversation by wanting to blow away the gloomy clouds hovering over you — I saw you enough to know you’re gloomy.

B: You did.

A: Then have some faith.


A: There is a specific part of your life — something true of you — about which you are not happy. You find it difficult to open up about it and when I try to open you up, you block me out of pain, shame and anger — sometimes it is one, sometimes it is another and often it is a combination of all three.

I won’t mention it, because the moment I do, you will feel it and shut down.

B: (*) Blush (*)

A: I will journey with you to that place, together, as we hold hands — but I will never compensate for you.

I will not be the person you use not to open up; the person who will build walls around you and enforce them. I am your loyal warrior, not your guard dog.

I value you too much to let you — to help you — hide your light behind a barricade.

B: Why? Do you wish to cause me pain, shame and anger?

A: I am your liberator, but there are some things I cannot liberate you from without you — and this is one of them. I cannot change you and even if I tried you would resent me.

If a change such as this is possible, it must come from you; all I can do is hold your hand, cheer you on and show you things about yourself you didn’t see before or know were there and were true. Most of all, I can find them with you — together.

A: …

B: What lies behind your pain, shame and anger is what you need to accept, express and process to enable your growth; to grow up and get on with your life; to move on to the next thing as you gain a glimpse of the infinite beauty and life-light you are. This glimpse will nourish you spiritually, but it won’t change the hardship of life we all live through — and we must do so as the condition for our existence as human beings.

When you are ready and willing, together we may venture to that place. We may sit in the pain, shame and anger you feel. We may do so for as long as you can manage without running away — long enough to let the truth come out, unadulterated and therefrom we will see what happens.

If it is too much, we will stop and try again another day.

B: I feel better already. I didn’t know you’d noticed all along, but did not press me.

All this time, I would feel as though you let me get away with treating you badly in those moments, because you were afraid. I begun to lose respect for you and then respect for myself. Finally, I felt as though you did not love me and that I was not lovable. I wanted you to press me.

I didn’t know you loved me so much that you wanted to spare me senseless torment, because I didn’t know what I saw doing.

I realise now that asking you to press me before I knew what was happening in me and in you, before I accepted the two of us as separate individuals, would change nothing. It would and lock us into an endless, stagnating cycle.

You waited for this conversation between us all along, didn’t you?

A: I waited for you to be ready to see me as your soulmate — your equal.