Whisper #272

A: What is the primarily role of the state?

B: To move things (ideas, actions, relationships…) from darkness into the light. By darkness I mean the world wherein in crime, injustice and unfairness dwell. By the light, I mean the restoration of order, justice and fairness.

A: Is that all the state does?

B: Not quite, as history will show, but it most certainly should be its primary role and one we would all like to see it succeed in. However, and this is where the state turns into politics, driven by our interests, some understand the application of such concepts as ‘crime, injustice and unfairness’ very differently. Moreover, we often forget that many of the things (ideas, actions etc.) we do not address under the context of a state are not thereby ‘dark’ (criminal, unjust and unfair). In other words, we often forget that the state too has its limits or in principle should have its limits; it too should know when it must stop trying to ‘enlighten’ things.

Whisper #271

A: What is the secret of the will; the golden nugget for my success on this miserable rock? Please, won’t you tell me.

B: Motion is the secret; understand motion and you will understand the will. Most importantly, consider the law that it is more difficult to put something into motion, than it is to maintain its motion while it is moving.

A: I don’t get it.

B: Few concepts grasp the secret of the will as effectively as Newton’s second law of motion. The will is just that characteristically human motion in a fixed direction–nothing more, nothing less. The more stable the direction whose stability is only measured against external resistance and internal deviation, the more powerful is the will. The more stagnant one is, the harder it is to get them moving.

A: So I always need a direction.

B: Not quite; your will needs stability in direction, whose stability can only be determined against the resistance and deviation you experience. The mass to which Newton’s law refers in his famous equation of F=ma, i.e., the operation of gravity on an object and the resistance to that gravity based on the existence of another object, which represents the constancy of inertia most beautifully and which is its own direction. Think of gravity as Earth’s urge to consume you, to digest you, to make you a part of her, but something stops her… Your will is your resistance to her consumption of you; will is your resistance to inertia.

A: You’ve lost me.

B: Get into Newton’s soul and study; take his observations and reasons to the end. You will then understand the secrets of the will.


Whisper #270

When you throw money at someone in hope that they would stay quiet and let you get on with it, you take away their dignity.

Why then are you surprised when you encounter just what a person–who has their dignity taken from them–is capable of concocting in her wild imagination before finally realizing it through her deeds?

Whisper #269

We ‘love’ pathetic and weak men who blindly worship women, who worship them without knowing just what they are worshiping, but they do so in the hope of receiving a woman’s favour.

Ironically, women ‘love’ them, too, believe it or not—only not as sexual partners or partners for life. Women ‘love’ them like they love useful, unassuming furniture: it has its place and plays its part in the room.

Whisper #267

Make no mistake about it, there is a ‘war’ of the sexes and it is our natural state. Only this war is more like an infinite dance, than a bloody battle to the death until someone finally emerges as victorious. See this as the war of life itself.

Both sexes strive to shape their counterpart to reflect their own image.

One needs its counterpart to be angular, strong, focused, immovable, deep and clear, but only because of the pleasure it eventually acquires from making it become soft, receptive, relaxed, open, joyous and rich.

So,  this sex will say that it likes soft, receptive, relaxed etc. and it is not lying, even though it is attracted to and driven by its exact opposite!

Don’t let what she says she likes in a man confuse you when you see whom she is attracted to: the two are not as unrelated as they seem. What she says she likes represents the aim of her actions, the conclusion and end-point of her actions—sometimes even her frustrations. What she leaves out is that she will only be driven to act by the exact opposite of what she aims for. She too revels in the challenge of shaping men in her own image, but to experience the urge to shape, in the first place, there must be something to shape—its opposite.

The other sex is a mirror image of the above. It needs its counterpart to be soft, sensitive, receptive, purposeless, frivolous, noisy, full of movement and life, rich to the point of confusion and constantly there and not there at the same time, but only for the pleasure it eventually acquires from making it harder, less sensitive, more focused, more graceful, more purposeful, quieter and, yes, finally poorer and thinner as a result.

So, this sex will say it likes something focused, graceful, purposeful, quieter etc. and it is not lying, either, even though it is attracted to and driven by its exact opposite!

Don’t let what he says he likes in a woman confuse you when you see whom he is attracted to: the two are not as unrelated as they seem. What he says he likes represents the aim of his actions, but he is only driven to act by the exact opposite of what he aims for. He revels in the challenge of shaping a woman in his own image, but to feel the urge to shape, in the first place, there must be something to shape—its opposite.

It has always been like this among the sexes. We’ve just learned to cover it up, glisten it, gild it, moralize it, make it more refined and appealing, make it less chaotic, more orderly, make it much harder to notice and now, so far into human history, we refuse to accept it.

Whisper #266

Fear of uncertainty represents the depression and demoralization of those entrepreneurial, innovative and creative spirits, which, since the beginning of our days on this wretched rock, have been the wellsprings of life and its affirmation.

Think of the misery that our life on this rock would be without their yes-saying in the face of uncertainty, fear, danger and their doing what needed to be done irrespective of the costs incurred on body, family, wife, husband and life…

Businessmen, inventors and artists have one thing in common: they dance jubilantly with life’s worst and best over the cliff of an abyss. They breathe the best within a storm, while the heavens are at the finest apex of their apparent cruelty…