The Boy Who Cried God

Old Man: Come now son, you have been on that rock gazing at the sea all day. I have been in and out of the house, and you have not moved an inch since this morning. Whose son are you?

Boy: Oh, I uh… I am John the Merchant’s son.

Old Man: John… he sells wares?

Boy: Yes, sir.

Old Man: What are you doing on that rock all day son. It’s Saturday, don’t you have friends to play with? I am sure your father could use some help too if nothing else.

Boy: No sir, my classmates all think I am strange and can’t do anything right, they call me strange boy and rich boy. My father doesn’t need my help, he always sends me away to play whenever I try.

Old Man: I see, that’s a pity son. The world can be mean and unwelcoming at times. Why do your classmates think you’re strange?

Boy: I don’t know, but I think it is because I told them I saw and speak to God, and it’s because I question what they do sometimes. I tell them and show them it’s wrong. Sometimes when they see me they say, “hey look, it’s that strange boy again coming to speak to us about God. How many souls have you saved today strange boy? How is God doing this morning?” They mock me.

Old Man: Are you angry at them or feel pained by their comments and gestures?

Boy: No sir, I can’t be angry with them. I couldn’t if I tried, for then I would be angry at myself, and I would be angry at God. I am not angry. I am just at peace and a little saddened that they do not see or hear God like I do. I worry about them and I care for them. I can only feel sadness, worry and care.

Old Man: Wow, it is strange for someone your age to concern themselves with such things son. I am an old fart and I don’t do and see God or other people like you? How old are you? You must be no older than eleven.

Boy: I am ten, sir.

Old Man: Ten years old and you are open to such things? It sure is unique, but also a little strange. Is that what you’ve been doing since this morning then? Talking to God over there on that rock looking at the horizon.

Boy: Yes and no, sir. I see him more than I talk to him. He is everywhere! I couldn’t but talk to him, even as I am talking to you and as I talk to myself. He is in the Sun that glistens and is mirrored on the water with its powerful waves, he is the water and the wave. He is the Sun that caresses the clouds and pours as water on our heads, he is the clouds and the water. The Sun that warms these rocks and soil, he is the rocks and soil. The Sun that nourishes these plants, he is the plants. The Sun that illuminates our path and paves the way for all creatures to see, he is the path and the creatures. He is in the water that dances in powerful waves to the rhythm of the wind. He is the wind! He is in the plant that mingles with the water, wind, soil and rock to show its sweetness and lustre. He is the soil and rock on which we step and which we use; in my father’s wares as much as in his hands. He is in us and our thoughts and behind our feelings, as much as the things that move us to think and feel. He is eternally dancing with himself in this drama and comedy, this tragedy and parable we call life. God is, sir.

Old Man: Son, you have too much time on your hands. You truly are a rich boy with no worries, problems and friends. You have to find yourself something to do, boy. Mark my words, life bodes ill for a man your age with too much leisure and no way to fill it. Don’t sit there and revel in absurdities, do something. Find a worthy cause, find some friends, find yourself a girl–wait, you’re too young for that. Do something boy, stop crying God is everywhere and God is everything. Let him be, he is none of our concern even if we are him and he is everything. Now that you know God is in the sun, use him to bring the world to light and make energy out of him! Now that you know the power of God is in the waves, ride him! Now that you know the sweetness of God in the plant, make honey out of him! Now that you know he is in us and our hands, bring him out of us! Now that you know he is everything, remain silent and let him speak! Don’t sit on the rock son, don’t depart from God, don’t depart from yourself! Do something.

Boy: (Smiles with softened eyes and a wearisome look.) Thank you, sir.


4 thoughts on “The Boy Who Cried God

  1. Sometimes we all need a kick up the butt and then stand back awaiting results, helping them long the way if we find they are struggling on the path we wish them to take.

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