Whisper #372

A: I do not want my beloved to be perfect — far from it. I want them to be open, attentive and receptive to me.

B: Why not? A perfect person is surely a delight and does not come with torments and tragedies associated with imperfection.

A: Because above all I value love and nothing makes my love lazier than perfection, than things being as they should be, than my beloved being perfect. Like life, love is at its fullest and can grow to its highest when faced with challenges.

You wouldn’t know it and maybe you dare not see it, or if you’ve seen it, your vanity dare not accept it, but love also has its skills, its muscles and, like a living organism, like a unity between parts, it can grow or it can wither.

B: But there is surely something you like your beloved to be — or else how can you even be attracted to someone in the first place?

A: Yes, I want my beloved to be rough and ready, not smooth and sorry. But what has that got to do with perfection?


One thought on “Whisper #372

  1. It has been a tough pill for the romantic I am to accept that love also has recourse and need for skills and muscles; that love, without skills, is necessarily thwarted, and cannot grow and maneuver itself in this world, but will be like a beast that is very huge and even very beautiful but also very dumb. It’s such an uncanny feeling to think that you have overcome the thwarting aspects of your romantic ideals and then to discover that this is not the case, that, in primary ways, you are still adopting a romantic approach to love. Romanticism is such a great and beautiful energy, but it is just that — an energy; and without proper channeling and skills it will not only wither but it will also turn to something ugly.

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