What is ‘Prenormative’ …

Prenormative is a blog which attempts to experiment with the ground and reasons for the customs and norms, the mores, of our age in various areas. It does this by offering a play between the normative and the descriptive.

The majority of the thoughts written here are in note format and contentions; sometimes outrageous or mocking, at other times they speak as if from someone’s heart and their first-person experience. They are experimental and probing; they excavate for insight.

The thoughts will often bring our prejudices to the foreground; sometimes to defend them; sometimes to criticise them; sometimes demonstrate the contradictions they form when we place them side by side.

At times the thoughts will appear caring, sensitive and lighthearted. At other times they will seem impudent, jolting and mocking. Sometimes you will leave feeling as though you are invited to a dance, but quickly span around until you arrive back to yourself feeling dizzy.

Sometimes you will feel dizzy from the joy you experience in seeing yourself; the same dizziness you experience after a wonderful, heartfelt compliment from someone who means the world to you. At other times you will feel dizzy from the anger and aversion you experience after being betrayed.

To give a satisfactory definition of the concept ‘prenormative’ has been really difficult for me. The best I can muster is a negative definition. The prenormative is that area between the normative and the descriptive (the positive). It is the genuine limit of both and sits between what we witness and what we expect (will, desire etc.).

The aim of the blog is to flirt with that area, with the prenormative. The posts will try to push human nature (and its conception) to its limits using our own conscience, i.e., our relationship to ourselves through our self-image.


9 thoughts on “What is ‘Prenormative’ …

  1. I get what you say but you have your whole different style, your own locution, your own system of metaphor. Read through your titles, I see some promise, looking forward…

    By the way, I used prenormative thinking to understand you, haha

    And you write like someone I know, are you him? Or you’re into professional philosophy? Can’t tell, tell me, hehe

  2. Hey, it is me. It’s wonderful to be back and look forward to some more discussions. But, for the mean time and due to bureaucracy I have to keep an alias. The thoughts are on similar lines, but different flavour and expression.

    I’ll need the practice in writing, thought and creativity.

  3. Prenormative thinking – step away from yourself, walk in a dark place, fearful place too. The place where Revolutions take root and inspiration from. Step back into Chaos

  4. Aha, I’ve caught you.

    Then we’re on similar pages then cos I cannot look at something without stepping back to it’s premises and seeing how it works out and how it might rather be. It’s a way of life for me too. It’s not that I’m a know-it-all like some like to think or I just want to challenge you, the issue is ‘de omnibus dubitandum’ is written into my gene code and I’m sure it is a human thing just expressed to varying degrees in different people

  5. I really loooove your new layout! It’s beautiful, with such imagination and meaning!!! It makes me feel excited and happy to see it as I read your inspirational and thought-provoking posts 😀

  6. I was going to ask you about this actually: what you thought of it and whether you were willing to help me lay it out better, but last time we spoke, all this practical stuff fell into the background and I just did it anyway… glad you like it, I presume you would have suggested something similar anyway.

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